Back to the books

For the first time ever, I set foot outside Asia…..
I landed in Melbourne on the 20th Feb at 8:30 PM. My classes began on the 27th Feb!!
I knew that after working for 3.5 years with a steady would be a difficult to believe that am no longer employed and am back to student life with its exams and taxing assignments. Well the last time I had an assignment was in the 7th semester of engineering…something on Computing profession and ethics by the late Mr.Pattedar. I spent one whole sunday afternoon, listening to the radio, and working on the assignment. Needless to say, that was probably the only original piece of work. The entire class had made photocopies of that!!
Well…currently I’m being inundated with assignments, and additional tasks like applying for my Permanent residence in Australia, and then getting a job!!
Only time can and will tell how successful I’ll be in doing things, and how wise this decision was to come to the land of Oz.
But, one thing I love about this country: Come summer it’ll be cricket, cricket and cricket everywhere and this year is gonna be another Ashes tour!!

7 thoughts on “Back to the books

      1. I had not stayed beyond 10 until the argentina projects, and thats for a whole week. But I didnt complain as I used to come to office at 12 and sometimes even more late.

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