State Holiday or mourning??

Barely 30 mins back, I received a mail from a shocked colleague in Huawei that Dr. Raj is no more.
I was shocked and the next line shocked me most!!
“Tomorrow’s been declared as a holiday and the huawei junta is rejoicing over a 4 day holiday…”
I sometimes wonder if declaring holidays for the sake of mourning is such a good idea after all..
Here’s a man..who for the last 5 decades has been entertaining people..been the sole dream seller,
been THE icon, with whom millions of Kannadigas have grown up..someone with whom each and every kannadiga will identify!!
And when he passes away, its rejoicement over a holiday!!
I think this might also be a direct fallout from a populace that’s largely unaffected by and unconnected to the local culture and values…
OK..some might say…there is hardly anything local in Bangalore..its “cosmopolitan”..
When you have to be a Roman in Rome, why can’t a person be a Kannadiga in Bengaluru…
Being cosmopolitan DOES NOT mean, the locals have no value. People should learn to respect the local culture and local icons.


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