India Trip

Had a refreshing vacation in good old Bangalore…
Though initially planned for 2 months, it lasted close to 3 months…
Felt nostalgic towards the end, reminding me of May ends, waiting for school to open on the 1st of June with a heavy heart as the last days of May just zoom by…
Only things missing were the Monsoons and new uniforms..

Also managed to make a trip to Sikkim and Darjeeling in the meanwhile with my cousins.
Wonderful places, and the best part is that tourism is pretty well regulated there. So, no haggling over fares or worrying if you are being taken for a ride.
Too lazy to write a travelogue…so here’s the link to one written by my cousin.
And some snaps from the trip.

And now its back to school, slogging over my thesis and a subject, to conquer the final frontier. Good luck to me!!:)


4 thoughts on “India Trip

  1. I see you went for Sikkim trip, else how can you survive for 3 months in just Bengalooru! 🙂
    About the Sikkim trip, what’s the agency/etc you used? If I visit India in May, I want to trip Sikkim.

    1. none…did it on my own…u can find the details in that blog…
      its not that difficult to arrange on ur own…
      u can do all the bookings from here before u go…
      i’ll send u a list of hotels there if u want…

  2. Ok thanks dude. I will get in touch with you when required.
    BTW you moving to US after studies or staying in Aus for a while? I was thinking of travelling across Aus or NZ by end of 2007 if all goes fine.

  3. Hey took ur advice and did the anonymous comment thing :D.. hmmm I’m sure u must’ve gotten a bit bored towards the end of ur tri here ..hehe ;)..but yeah on the whole lookin at the snaps of Darjeeling and all seems u had a good trip
    – Cheers,
    Divs 🙂

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