And the saga continues….

So its final. The inevitable happened. The axe had to fall on Greg Chappell. At least he took the honourable way out. Better late than never. It took him all of 22 months to figure out that its a system beyond repair and more than performance its who you know that counts.
Somehow politics is in every Indian’s blood. I always believe that my first project team INOVS was some incarnation of the INC. The politics in the team was unbelievable.
Well, coming back to Indian cricket, am glad that one person has stood out honourably amidst all the chaos and thankfully its the captain. People have been accusing him of being too silent when everyone has a word to say and a finger to point. Well, its admirable that he’s chosen not to add to the existing cacophony.

Somehow I feel the media has a big part to play in this debacle or at least raising this to such a huge level. Did anyone give a damn when India lost to China in hockey, something which is our national game and is new to them? Hockey is somehow similar to politics. You crib about it over a cup of tea and get on with your life. Even for the media, its breaking news for a day to be forgotten the next day. But what the hell…they have mouths to feed too. When will the aam aadmi on the street start thinking?
When will cricket in India go back to being just a game?

There’ll be the usual mourning and cribbing, and then the inevitable series against some minnows, this time Bangladesh. No matter what people might say, they are minnows and will remain so for sometime. It’ll soon be time to shut some mouths and for bats to talk and they will, in admirable fashion, brutally destroying non-existent attacks, raising the hopes of millions. And then the series with Australia and the cycle repeats. Inevitably………

P.S: reached double figures, 2 years after the first post!! Calls for a toast?


3 thoughts on “And the saga continues….

  1. hi cheechu
    this is not a response to this write up.. trawled through most of u’r posts and liked the way u write.. and the realisation that being around growing up with each other doesn’t mean u ‘know them’. felt good chatting with u yesterday. indhu

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