Well, got ‘tagged’ by [info]varshaac

The rules of the game as mentioned by her:

1. Players start with 5 random facts about themselves.
2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 5 random facts.
3. Players should tag 5 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Kind of recursive I guess. Anyway, here are five random facts about me
1. Was very superstitious about my engineering exams. Had a set of rules I followed strictly:
       a. Same pair of shoes for all semester exams. Reduced their usage towards the end to preserve them.
       b. Never wore my glasses to exams. Thought they were bad luck after I screwed my Physics paper in the first sem.
       c. Never wished anyone luck inside the exam hall. Anyone wishing me luck was greeted by a sombre thumbs up.
       d. Made sure I entered the examination building with Sumanth G. Thought he was some kind of lucky mascot.
2. Love philosophy and exploring logical angles to it. Most people, even close friends, think am joking and usually find it funny when I say anything remotely philosophical.
3. Am partially colour blind and struggle to differentiate between brown and green, and sometimes red and green. And most people who come to know about it start showing me colours and asking me to name them.
4. Yearn to be in Bangalore and spend weekends playing cricket and tennis, and trekking the Western ghats. But looks like its never going to happen in the near future.
5. Sometimes wish I had studied at least one Indian language properly like Sanskrit or Kannada. Studied, as in proficient enough to read and discuss literature in these languages.

Well that’s about my random facts. Now I’d tag: [info]pratibimbha, [info]manjunaths, [info]amogh, [info]arvindjoshi and [info]inthing Now to see how many of them read this and follow up.


3 thoughts on “Tagged?!

  1. Made sure I entered the examination building with Sumanth G.
    Wow, that’s an extreme case! I had just one exam superstition — to wear old, wellworn clothes.

  2. Thought that you were generally serious during exams, did not know that there was a superstition explanation behind it.
    And no wonder Sumanth G has followed you to Australia, guess that luck follows you most of the time.

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