The Ultimate Answer!!!

42..almost an ironical number for Sachin to be stuck at. Column writers are having a field day about it.
“Sachin Tendulkar has got close twice in this series, and six times this year, but that 42nd one-day hundred – his answer to life, the universe and everything – still eludes him.”
“That a potential ordeal became a stroll owed much to the genius of one man. That he still hasn’t figured out the answer [42] to the Ultimate Question shouldn’t detract from the majesty of his effort.”
–Cricinfo agin, but a different column writer.

Well, for the uninitiated, the Ultimate Answer is from the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy.

There was an age when he would score century after century only to see his team losing. Well at least he’d be pleased now that the team is winning most of the matches. They’ve won 4 out of the 6 times he’s been out in the 90s this year and both the times, it was the bowlers who failed.

On a totally different note, check out this site. You can query stats about any player in different forms of cricket and against individual countries and/or at different venues and/or even tournaments and even each year and/or season and many, many different options. And it even has an option to compare the results with that of another player. The results are a bit difficult to interpret the first time around, but you get the hang of it in less than a couple of minutes.

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