Going into the 1st test at the Kotla, there were 4 things I wished would happen:
1. India winning, obviously
2. Kumble among the wickets
3. Dravid scoring a century
4. Laxman playing an important part.

Thankfully, 3 of them did happen. I wish Dravid had also gone onto score a century. But I guess some things will have to wait. Looking at the way he was batting though, especially once he got into the 20s, I would think its pretty much in the offing.

Looking at some of the reports in “important” newspapers in India, I wonder what the qualifying criterion is for the writers. To even conceive that just because Yuvraj Singh is performing well in the ODIs, Laxman’s place in the tests is to be debated, smacks of utter cricketing nincompoopism and naivette.
Kumble’s answer about VVS should put some doubts to rest for sometime at least: “I think Laxman’s knock was very crucial considering the circumstances. He’s a fantastic player and his partnership with Dhoni was very critical for us. I don’t know why there is always a sword hanging over his head. It’s only a perception from those not within the dressing room. We [the team] know what quality he brings in and his role in the team is very crucial.”
I don’t think any player ever in the history of cricket has had to prove himself so many times and that too to the media.


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