The MooKaa Story

Well, after deciding Ram doesn’t exist, Mookaa(aka M. Karunanidhi, CM of TN) now seems interested in affairs about Tamils in Malaysia. At the age of 80, I guess he is getting senile.
But, well, why am posting about a senile CM of a state am not connected in anyway to (Well for all those wondering how, am a Bangalorean and my parents trace their origin to Palakkad, Kerala), is because, his actions , or words rather, the past few months have raised a couple of questions in my mind (Was tempted to say interesting questions, but well, might be a taller claim than necessary, and especially after the egg post, am keeping a lower profile regarding what’s interesting and what’s not)

Can Mookaa make statements for Tamils in Malaysia? We are speaking of ethnic Tamils there, those who’ve been there for generations and are citizens there and not those from TN. Does being the CM of a state where the language is spoken give him a right to speak for and support all people in the world who speak that language? If that’s the case, can he represent the LTTE too?? And the Tamils in Singapore who don’t give a damn about India or TN?
Speaking of which, is the Indian Govt responsible for the safety/well-being of ethnic Indians in different parts of the world. People like in Trinidad and Tobago or Fiji or even naturalized US/UK or Australian citizens? Does the Govt have to worry and make statements every time someone who has never been to India but who’s ancestors were Indian, once upon a time, or chose to leave India and accept citizenship abroad is targeted by the natives of that country? People with Indian passports in different parts of the world, do come under the Indian Govt’s responsibility (before someone screams “Murder!!”, thought I’ll clarify), as well, they are still citizens and have technically got voting rights and have a stake in the Govt which hence needs to ensure their safety.

But well, was the Malaysian minister (MM) right in asking Mookaa to “lay-off”? It might be another country, but Mookaa was well within his rights as a citizen of a free country to question what he saw as a violation of human rights in another free country. So when MM decided to ask MK to shut up, it becomes a diplomatic issue, simply because, now the MM is not just dealing with his subjects, but a CM or a person in power, in a democracy. Effectively, he asked the people of TN to lay-off.

Hence, even though MooKaa was wrong in assuming he represented all Tamils when questioning the MM’s action, he had the right as being a citizen of a free country. But the MM’s reply to Mookaa however, can be seen as a reply to the people of TN who constitute a significant portion of the Indian population and hence a reply to the people of India in general. Which hence leads to a diplomatic situation.


3 thoughts on “The MooKaa Story

      1. The comment ‘which engg collg did ram go to?’ thankfully didnt cause the commotion that i expected…..India/TN even K’taka is politically very fragile but it is common ppl like us who bear the brunt of riots/protests…

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