Can they do it??

2 full days, 6 whole sessions, 180 overs, 1080 balls and 493 runs to get (they’ve already knocked off 6 at the time of writing). The run rate required is a tad lower than 3. Not exactly unreachable.

But the catch: no one has come close before. And well, the last time the Indians batted, they made 196 among 11 batters, with their mainstay for the past decade etching out a painstaking and painfully boring 5 off 66 deliveries. If they can play out the whole day without losing more than half their batters, that is, ending the day with the loss of no more than 4 wickets, I would say they have a sniffing chance at victory!! I guess its just wishful thinking, but well, makes for lip-smacking thought, just to think of the possibility. At the least, I hope they lose gracefully with a fight rather than just cowering away the 4th day itself.

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