A long time since summer

Its 1 in the morning and am not sleepy…some sort of insomnia you would think. The truth is simply that I woke up just 13 hours back.
And well, being insomniac, decided to post about the lack of summers in my life the past few years!

The last summer I had was in 2005 in Bangalore. I don’t remember exactly how it was, but am guessing it must have been as hot as normal Bangalore summers. I left Bangalore for Melbourne in Feb 2006. Feb is when the winter ends and Summer starts setting in, in Bangalore. So its technically not summer yet, maybe spring you might say. In Melbourne the core of summer is from the end of November till the end of February, and then it is all fall. Hence, technically I left Bangalore before the summer of 2006 and landed in Melbourne after the Summer of 2005-06.

Then, I expected to be in Melbourne for the summer of 2006-07, but I ended up taking a vacation in Bangalore from end of November 2006, when the summer started, all the way till end of February 2007, when the summer ended. So effectively the summer in Melbourne passed while I spent it in Bangalore where it was winter. Again, I left at the end of February 2007 when it was end of winter in Bangalore and end of summer in Melbourne.

I expected to have a nice Indian summer in Melbourne at the end of 2007 (An Indian summer because India were traveling to Australia for a four test series at the end of the year). As fate would have it, I ended up netting a job in Microsoft and left Melbourne at the peak of winter in August 2007, which was the peak of the Monsoons in Bangalore. After spending 2.5 months in Bangalore, I left Bangalore for the US and landed here, end of October 2007 and am still here at the time of writing this.

The summer is not expected to show up here in Washington till maybe June. So I guess it will be 3 years since my last summer ended, in May 2005, that I might be experiencing a summer again. And this, is assuming I’ll still be here, which does seem most likely, unless something bizarre and unplanned happens.

And well, the thing is, I guess people use summers as a way of recounting age. In my case I guess I’ll have to go three less on my age. On reaching 28, I’ll have had just 25 summers!!!


7 thoughts on “A long time since summer

  1. This is what happens when you use a small part of the whole and extrapolate without realizing that the small part is not a valid representation of the whole 🙂
    And yeah, you’ll be 25 summers on reaching 28… but *31* winters :))

      1. Hmmm…the stress of all those extra winters, now that I think about it!! No wonder there are a few grey hairs 🙂

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