Kanneera dhaare….ideke ideke??

I stood there straining my eyes to look the 3 feet ahead of me. The tears started dancing at the rim of my eyes and the world in front of me blurred and wafted. I closed my eyes with the hope they’d go away. My hands were not free to wipe them away and this seemed a better option. I did feel better and my view, even though blurred was a lot clearer. But there was going to be no let up, I knew it. The tears kept flowing. I knew it was going to be agonizing when I started and would cause pain and tears. Sometimes when you need good stuff you have to pay for it, in different ways, even with pain and agony.

I continued straining my eyes to look in front of me. I had to do this, no matter what the pain. Any errors and I might be dealing with blood here. I had no first aid at hand. It was important I concentrated on the task at hand no matter what or how bad I felt. I had the choice of keeping myself busy and occupied with other interesting stuff, but I chose this path. Sometimes having a friend around you can help. Especially in situations like this.

It had been a bad day. Nothing worked at work. I needed something good to go back to. Being alone, you have to look up to yourself for all these little things, even for support. It was entirely up to me to decide how I was going to end the day. I could grab a beer, relax for a while watching something on the net and chatting with my friends and cousins and then call it a bad day and retire. Or I could do something and turn it into a good one to remember for sometime at least. Living alone can make you more enterprising – I chose the latter.

The best way would be to cook something great to eat. I decided to make some Pulao and got the onions out and began chopping them. I stood there straining my eyes to look the 3 feet before me. The tears started dancing at the rim of my eyes…


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