Another day, another year

Have been waiting for this a couple of weeks now. Not with the enthusiasm or eagerness of a child awaiting presents and new clothes, more of bracing for it. I turned 28 today. I can already sense the cries for my throat. Even friends have started making cruel jokes that make me cringe and grimace, but now have to give polite smiles and fake laughs. Sometimes feel like asking them to get younger and stop acting precocious. Just can’t imagine myself as 28!
If 25 is the age for mid-career crises when we seem to wonder and panic where we are going career wise, I guess 28 is the one for mid-life crises and wondering and panicking about where life is headed.

As for the birthday, well decided to do something different. Went to a salon and tried to get my head almost shaved. Even the Chinese hair stylist was stymied and asked me to reconsider quite a few times. Even Vista lets you install software with less questions. Finally had to settle for a head shave with a hair length of 2 (I guess its mm, not sure). Not quite the same as a proper shave, but pretty much there. I guess I developed cold feet myself eventually.

Thought it might be a birthday I’ll spend all alone, and forgotten, but pratibimbha was there around thankfully, and was woken up pleasantly by my brother in the morning, calling from Bangalore. Further confirmation that my friends and relatives have pretty much drifted all over the world: Got calls from Australia, Bangalore and NY wishing me.

Also got a pleasant surprise as my previous post made it to the “Bangalore Mirror”. The image of that in the paper (the article in the bottom half):

You can see the full size image here.


10 thoughts on “Another day, another year

  1. is there at your place? How?
    Happy Birthday dude. I’ve had similar sentiments about my birthdays since 25. Don’t really look forward to them. I even hid away from my friends on my last birthday in December.

    1. Thanks…
      The Raj was here…came here for the spring break…
      left yesterday morning…
      imagine waking up early morning at 5 on your birthday and dropping ur friend off at the airport… 🙂

      1. The poor citizens of The State demand some pics of The Raj and The Daactar’s birthday! Shouldn’t The Raj be out with some chicks on Spring Break? 😉
        BTW how far is your place from his university?

      2. Hehe…you think someone who would think twice about coming from K’pura road to Jayanagar for dinner would fly all the way from Atlanta to Seattle for the B’day?? 😀
        Nope he flew in for his spring break…that too after a lot of convincing:D
        my B’day happened to be around that time…

      3. Well..Free boarding, lodging & some drinking 😉
        But seriously, i wanted to see some place, other than Atlanta for once. Also, Vaidya’s b’day was around the corner.
        I tried to buy a gift at the airport, couldn’t find any. I owe u that 1 vaidya.
        I dont know how depressed will i be when i turn 28. Maybe yodha who’d ‘ve turned 28 2 days before can guide me 🙂

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