Children of Men

When I first heard of this movie, I thought it was something about gays. Then I read the reviews and the premise seemed interesting, so put it on the queue. I did not expect such gut-wrenching stuff.

The movie is dark. It is shot in England on days when the weather looks positively gloomy!
Its set in 2027 where the headlines at the start is that the world’s youngest human is dead at the age of 18! Apparently people have lost their ability to reproduce and mankind faces extinction. Then there’s a pregnant girl who needs to be shepherded out of England to some human project. There is chaos and filth all around…humor is almost absent. People are fighting and killing each other. Most of the cities in the world have fallen to crime and violence and anarchy rules.

However, the story and narrative are tight, and the movie rushes along at a steady pace. The scene when the baby arrives and all the refugees, terrorists and soldiers cease fire to marvel at the sight of a human baby is brilliantly done and tugs at your heart!

Try and get this to watch. But watch it on a sunny day. You’ll need the brightness outside!


4 thoughts on “Children of Men

  1. After reading your reviews saw the movie in the weekend.
    I must say its neat and different movie. Its one of those movie which makes you to think of it even after seeing it.
    Recommended to others!

  2. I didn’t find it as dark as you claim. Excellent movie though, good cinematography, interesting storyline and some of the long takes are simply brilliant!

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