The Royal Challengers

Interesting logo:

The Bangalore IPL song…

The interesting thing to note…the team colors (red and yellow)…quite a touch by Mallya, bound to get people cheering for the team…the logo even has a sharaba at the top!
As for the team, the bowling is real strong…batting looks a tad weaker than most teams…but you never know…
Myself, I’d root for any team that has Bangalore in its name and Rahul Dravid playing.


14 thoughts on “The Royal Challengers

      1. Well it seems to have borrowed heavily from silk saree showroom commercials…If you have ever watched Tamil channels you’ll know what am talking about 🙂

      2. I’ve not seen these Tamil silk sari commercials. But, it at least looks like a professional ad, while the Royal Challengers looks like a college fest ad. Scratch that, even colleges make better ads.

      3. Entirely my bad 🙂
        Here’s the proper “Team Anthem” from the team:

        Am not sure what’s the difference between the two is…!

      4. Ok, so the Thaakath song is a fan-video by the RC Fan Club. (There’s a fan club already?!!!) See the news report here:

        The Thaakath song lyrics and music is good (supposedly it’s sung by the cool Urban Lads), they just need a lot better looking video.
        Anyway, notice the uploader of this video is IdeaNaren. Ring any bells? 😉

      5. He was one of the instructors from Oracle in the e-something program that was conducted at RVCE. I think some of the pantaru must be still in touch with Naren.

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