A mundane story but a glitzy setting

A bunch of kids were playing a cricket match. End of it one team lost and the other won. “Well that’s natural ain’t it?” you’d ask. Well, one of the winning team players goes up to the losing “captain” and tells him “hard luck”, probably with a smirk on his face. The captain slaps him. This guy starts bawling and his mates console him. He then goes and complains to his mom who is always around when the kids are playing. Mom tells dad. Dad’s a friend of “captain”‘s dad. He tells him over a round of weekend golf to control his kid, that he’s getting out of order these days.
Sounds mundane? Well, happens all the time with kids playing. Now replace the slapped kid with Sreesanth, Harbhajan Singh as the “captain”, Preity Zinta as the “Mom”, Ness Wadia as the “Dad” and Mukesh Ambani as the captain’s dad and you have front page headlines!!

I don’t know what’s more appalling. A player slapping? Or the slapped player bawling his head out? Or the fact that these two actually represent Team India and we are supposed to root for them?! With people like Sharad Pawar as president and players like Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth as important members, a wonderful and colourful future awaits Indian Cricket. Just can’t wait!

Here’s a video of the bawling by the way:


3 thoughts on “A mundane story but a glitzy setting

    1. hehe nothing yet…but you can trust youtube to have it if someone caught it at all…
      yep Preity Zinta, SRK all are in the league, with diff teams though..

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