Reading “India after Gandhi” based on ‘s recommendation. Happens to be the second “big” book am reading. By big I mean books that can be used as stools to reach lofts. First was Shantaram.

All I can say is, it’s something every Indian must read. I’ll rephrase that – It is something every Indian has to know. It’s so simple for us born more than 30 years after independence to think of India as a country and nothing else. To think that just that much time ago no one in the whole world except for a bunch of old dreamers believed a country called India can exist is astounding.

Was a Nehru hater till now. Although he’s made his share of mistakes, I guess due credit must go out to him for keeping the country together and believing in secularism like he did.

Have reached the 60s now and it seems to have been a very disheartening decade for India. Two wars – one lost and the other a stalemate, two great Prime Ministers passing away, famine, poverty, a plunging economy. To compare with the situation we are in now, kudos to all those who have worked for it. More posts as I read I guess.


4 thoughts on “

  1. This book is essential reading for every Indian. Everything about India becomes so clear after reading it.
    I finished the Nehru years but had to return it since someone had put a hold on it at the library. I’ve put a hold after so I should get it back in 2 weeks.
    Looking forward to your posts on some of the Indian topics 🙂

    1. you get it only for 2 weeks??!!
      here its 4 in the public library…not thinking of renewing it yet…
      have another 300 odd pages to finish and some 12 days for it…

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