Random stuff…

Despite a precarious financial situation, I splurged on a camera and bought myself a Canon Rebel Xti. Thanks to yodha and joshmachine for their inputs and patience with all my questions. My first set of pics is here.

I don’t know why I used Ringo in the first place to host my pics… but then was slowly adding more and more pics and linking from my blog to there. And now, I got a mail a week back saying they are closing it down by the 30th June. Not that am going to miss it much, but it means a big hassle now. Three of my posts rely on it: this, this and this, which includes one of my favs, the Donigal one.
Now, I have started the move to picasa and uploaded the needed snaps there…the more painful task of changing urls inside the posts awaits me. Hope to get this done by the 30th June, but will need to set aside some time for it. Wonder why livejournal can’t provide direct upload from hard disk to the post like Google’s Blogger for free!

And last, but not the least…off to Vancouver, B.C, across the border to present a paper this Friday, the 13th(!!!). Hoping and praying it goes well!


8 thoughts on “Random stuff…

    1. You can find the thesis on my livejournal page itself..its the basis for the paper and is more comprehensive…
      as for the paper, I cannot put it up…it would be violating copyrights…
      don’t want to get into issues with that 🙂

      1. Oh well, took my time, but am done now, changed the links in the posts…
        It actually looks better now 🙂 Do check them out if you have the time…
        the links are in the post

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