The Conference

For the first time in my life I drove across a country’s border in my own vehicle. Canada is a 2 hour drive from my place and Vancouver a further 1/2 hour drive from the border. Pretty much like an Amritsar-Lahore crossing with much less fanfare and security than the Wagah. Since I planned to spend a day or two in Vancouver itself, I borrowed arvindjoshi‘s GPS for the trip.
I started early in the morning at close to 6 and reached there around 9:30 AM after negotiating peak hour traffic in Vancouver which can put even Bangalore to shame. My talk was at 2:30 in the afternoon post-lunch. There were questions being asked of the speakers but after lunch people just froze and there was a marked indifference to the presenters.
My presentation itself went well and although I had timed myself for 20 mins I finished in 15 and was left wondering if I should’ve beefed it up further.
Post-conference, I looked around the place before heading to my booked acco for the night. Next day I started early and checked out the usual stuff like an Observation deck, Canada Place, Capilano Bridge, Grouse Mountain and a stunning view of the city from Stanley Park. Photos can be found here, but I guess have already sent the link to almost everyone.
Did my traveling alone, but considering that I was pretty much running all over the city it worked out to my advantage not to have company to slow me down or with conflicting ideas or plans.


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