Going green 40%

When I first landed up in the US close to 8 months back, I was pretty much in alien land…they drove on the wrong side (or the right side as some one wont to punning might add), they deal in miles, and it was frigging cold, colder than any other place I had lived in! Slowly I clawed my way with ample help from mhmehkri and arvindjoshi and started using public transport. There was a direct bus from home to office, but it wasn’t there during weekends which ensured that I was pretty much holed up inside home with nowhere to go.

Around Thanksgiving (November last weekend here) I took out the rental car that the company provided for 30 days and felt my way around the place. Still I continued using the bus to get to work. Close to end of Dec, my 30 days were up and I had to return the car. After close to one month of hunting, I bought my 8 year old Accord, around mid Jan. Still I continued taking the bus for a few weeks after that.

Then, changes happened, they restricted the direct bus to some distance away from home and I got a bit lazy getting up and then I started gymming regularly. End result was that I was driving to office every day before I knew it!

Well, then further changes happened, like sky-rocketing gas prices which make me feel guilty every time I drive to work and a slight change in timings which means that I can get onto my older route from a bus which comes near my place and reach office in less than a 1/2 hour.

So now, with me cutting down on gymming to 3 days a week from 4 days am going to be using the bus twice a week, reducing emissions by 40% per week. I guess if the bus service improves here, might switch to the bus totally except on days when I need to buy stuff on the way back. Wishing for better public transport!


10 thoughts on “Going green 40%

  1. Here I have no choice but public transport. My pet grieve about public transport (at least here) is that it takes away some amount of time from the day. So, I started listening to podcasts and now I don’t feel like that time is wasted. Check out the awesome podcasts that some folks have recommended on my recent post.

    1. Well if you have a good public transport infrastructure there is really no need for a private vehicle except…
      I never felt the need for a vehicle in Melbourne…here it sucks though….maybe am comparing apples to oranges here, Seattle vs Melbourne would be a good comparison and Seattle does have good public transport…
      its only its neighbourhoods that are poor in that respect…

    1. ah le… by the time you get on and pedal twice, you’ll have reached office 🙂
      For me its 5 miles away…
      and also, once I was a chubby 14-yr-old and then I started pedaling to school and before I knew it, I was this underweight teenager… so am a bit skeptical about touching the bike again 😀

      1. u!! chubby!!! ROTFL!! intha shaa jokes ella maadbardu 😀
        Using Public transport needs a little bit of planning ahead that’s all. I spend 2.5 hrs in a day traveling and it hasnt frustrated me that much, even if I’ve to stand and travel.
        Magane u get up at 9am..Get up at 5.30am like u used to in India and all ur problems will be solved 🙂

      2. nan magne…am in office by 9, and I think am telling you this for the nth time, you need to listen to people too when they are talking 🙂
        As for planning, after all the planning, turns out if I have to incorporate the gym into my plans I’d have to leave office a 1/2 hr early, finish off gym in 45 mins and if I miss the bus I’ll have to wait on the street for another 1/2 hr… 🙂 and this is assuming that the first bus arrives on time, which it doesn’t during peak hours between 4:30 and 6:30… am not sure waking up at 5:30 would solve that issue…

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