Time to retire Mr. Dravid?

It has been close to one year since he was left out of the ODI squad. And there have been no indicators to his being included again. To think that he is not among the top 30 players for the shorter format in the country is a shame. Whether he should’ve been part of it or not is a different issue which am not going to go into here.

Well, considering the innumerable hints dropped that he is not going to be considered for the ODI squad and his having gone into the wrong side of 35, I wonder what is holding back Rahul Dravid from calling it quits from the ODI format. Maybe he thinks there is no need to do that formally as he is anyway not being considered for it. The only difference might be a footnote from “Former India captains Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid were left out again from the team” to “Former India captain Sourav Ganguly was left out from the team again” unless of course Sourav Ganguly also decides to call it quits.

But one thing about Sourav is that despite all that passed between him and Dravid, he was quick enough to include Dravid’s name when cribbing about being left out from the team because of age and not performance. Dravid himself though took it in his stride and went as non-controversial about it as possible with his usual boring/diplomatic sound bytes to the media.

All said and done, after serving Indian cricket selflessly for more than a decade as captain, wicketkeeper, batsman, and part-time bowler, in 333 matches to score 10000+ runs at close to 40.00 per match, he deserved a bit more respect from the selectors. Am not saying he should’ve been given more chances, simply that he deserved to be told when it was the end of line for him so that he could’ve called it quits from ODI cricket gracefully, soon after the India-Australia ODI series or after the Pakistan ODIs. I wonder when the BCCI will ever learn.

Its a matter of shame that after Gavaskar and Kapil Dev, and maybe Srinath, no Indian player has been able to call it a day in a proper manner. Anil Kumble’s exit from ODI cricket seemed more of a formality as he was simply getting humiliated in the lineup.

5 thoughts on “Time to retire Mr. Dravid?

  1. Both Dravid n Ganguly deserve better !
    Dravid was someone was branded as test specialist , but managed to re-invent himself and made himself a valuable ODI player too …
    But all good things come to an end … I for one thought the decision to send young team to Aus for tri series was a good move and the gamble worked. Maybe they got lucky , but you can build a good team for future only by investing in youth
    But they should also make use of seniors , currently only Sachin is part of ODi setup , i think they should keep rotating between Sachin , Gangs n Dravid for different series.
    For the recent series team could have used one more senior pro when Sachin was not present …
    But Dhoni doesnt seem to want seniors ( ex-captains ) around tht much and hence the door seems to be almost shut for these 2 greats

      1. the door does not ‘seem’ to be shut…it in fact is totally…
        one of the selectors was saying that “They should know by now they are not going to be selected into the ODI squad again.” and that “they will be phased out of the test team too.”
        It was a really really callous remark to make, and to say “phased out” as if they were machines that need replacement…speaks volumes of how the BCCI treats its players…they are cash cows to be milked for money…
        the worrying thing is, there are no good test players coming up to replace these 5… Wonder if the team will end up as colorful clowns ready to entertain the masses, but with no quality worth the classes…
        good enuff to last 20 overs, but not 5 days…

      2. The whole thing is instead of making these comments, can’t they tell them, u are not going to be selected anymore…such simple courtesy… even road cricket folks have that…

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