Terror at home

Being an Indian, have never been far from terrorism and its ghastly effects. Through the years have grown up hearing news and watching gory images of terror attacks at different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and not to forget Kashmir. Still it was something distant and far away, a sub-conscious thought that never seemed to bother as much as it should have.
Receiving such news was followed by a couple of hours of fear and sympathy for the affected and their relatives.
Today morning’s news has changed that forever. There was minimal loss of life, but the fact that they could target places that are not just random unheard of localities in a big city, but places which hold fond memories of growing up, stings. And it stings big time. The fact that any of my relatives or friends could have been around those places scares. And it scares like hell!

And that they supposedly did it to just prove that they can “strike whenever, wherever” is frightening! Its almost like you never know when the vehicle parked next to you is going to explode or the guy walking by you is going to produce a weapon and open fire.

Its going to be the same old stuff from the Government. Wonder what it will take to shake them out of their slumbers.

God help us!

P.S: Despite the grimness of the news being read, I couldn’t understand why people could not spell Raja Ram Mohan Roy properly. Once it was Rajaram Mohan Rai, next page “RajRam and Mohan Ray” and still later Rajaram Mohanrao. Shameful of the media!


2 thoughts on “Terror at home

  1. Though the blasts were of low intensity, this is a real wakeup call to the authorities. These folks who orchestrated the blasts have proven that they have the equipment for larger blasts, have the technology and skills to trigger it with cellphones, and know the city well to designate and place it in public locations.
    I was a bit disturbed on seeing all those locations being close to RVCE and Kengeri.

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