Been doing a decent amount of reading for a while…Managed to finish the second one in the Hitchhiker series –The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Was a good read as usual. Had to return the book without completing the remaining 3 as there was already a hold and I couldn’t renew any more.

Then there was “The God of Small Things” based on manjunaths‘s recommendation. Was a really good, but dark read. Almost throughout the book, there was this feeling(not exactly feeling, am not able to get the right word for this) of impending disaster/tragedy. Roy does build that up with her back-and-forth narration.

Some things that I was wondering about after finishing it.
1. Is it true that Syrian Christians and Parsis suffer from a higher incidence of insanity due to inbreeding? I tried searching on Google, but couldn’t find anything interesting. Although I do believe, being closed communities, there might be some effects of inbreeding seen, am not sure of insanity.
2. It was scary to think that one day’s events might change the course of people’s lives so much, so disturbingly. Wonder if any such events have happened in my life. There was one that has brought me where I am, where I really had to make a choice, but am sure it wasn’t a one day’s event out of my control. More of my own choice more than anything else. Makes me wonder how I’d hold up under such circumstances.

Now on to Unaccustomed Earth and After the Funeral, both seem pretty good, the latter with the typical English nobility and Agatha Christie’s signature style and the former dwelling on minor events over short periods of time emphasizing on relationships and emotions.


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  1. “The God of Small Things”; Was a really good, but dark read.
    A friend described this book as Roy’s bitching fest about her relatives :-). Even if i read and like this book, that opinion will still make me smile…
    After the Funeral, Agatha Christie
    I recently read Cards on the table. It goes against her usual “the murderer is the one who you least likely expect” theme. time sikkidre odu.Its Christie’s parody of herself in the book that i enjoyed the most.

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