What to write?!

One of the very secret resolutions of this year was to post at least once a week. And it is something I think about most of the time. What am I going to post about?

I do read books, and have been reading a lot these days, and I do watch a lot of movies, but somehow never felt like reviewing them in a blog. Felt I might end up doing just that most of the time, and that might end any notion of creativity that seems to exist in this blog. Well, quite a few of my posts are not based on real events, so there comes in the creativity part. But somehow people seem to assume that if its in a blog it should have happened! I guess I should put in a disclaimer about it at the end probably.

Well, I resist trying to write about a topic close to my heart, Bangalore, as I sometimes feel that it might bring out stuff inside me which I might not be ready to face myself, forget baring it out for others! And well, it will tend to get a bit on the nostalgia side and even my sense of humor will not be able to rescue the post from the depths of nostalgia! But I guess that’s me being an introvert.

Cricket, I lost interest in writing ever since most of the fab 4 stopped playing limited overs cricket. And well, I don’t get to watch it much too, so the words don’t seem to flow so easily when following on the net or from the news.

Travelogues are something I want to write, especially wonderful treks with friends and trips with cousins. But time is a crucial factor as they do take a long time, and everything pales in comparison in front of the Donigal trek. Somehow, that will remain a bar for treks and posts on them.

It is a tricky situation to be in. And I only hope my creative juices kick in, if any are left at all, and I’ll probably be able to come up with more posts.

Stories from Huawei might actually be a good idea, and I guess I should probably write more about them. Considering the sort of characters that roamed and still roam those corridors it might just be the one to dig into.

But yes, I do want to write, and it is an activity I find lots of pleasure in, going over the words and sentences formed and realizing that I’d never be able to form them if I were to just think of it, but come in only as I type and create the prose.

So there, and even as I sign off I wonder where my next one will come from and about what.


7 thoughts on “What to write?!

  1. Thumbs up to travelogues and stories from Huawei. Use pseudonyms please, just to avoid conflicts.
    May I also suggest the ongoing Aus Open, its turning out to be quite good

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