Disrespect to the nation?

Came across this weird statement about “Disrespect to the PM being disrespect to the nation” by who-else.

Am not a big fan of the BJP, but this statement seems to be implying that the PM is King, and above any form of criticism. The PM being just an elected representative (actually he’s not even that in this case), is and should be open to disrespect and ridicule which is in keeping with a free nation and democracy.

But calling him a eunuch in a public speech can definitely be considered distasteful. Nothing ‘disrespectful’ to the PM, but when you call someone a eunuch and expect it to be an insult, you’d definitely be kissing some eunuch votes goodbye. They should be thankful dogs, donkeys and horses don’t have the right to vote, or they might be eating into their own vote banks significantly. Wonder whom a dog or donkey might vote for if all candidates called each others dogs and donkeys?! Spoiled for choice when it comes to one of their own kind, eh?


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