Spring it is!

It was 22 degrees approximately a few weekends back. Everyone was excited coming to office after that, but somehow I could only give them the cautionary “Its not all good yet, there’s one more round of snow to happen before its all over.” Then it started raining, pouring in fact and soon enough one fine afternoon after picking up a friend from the airport and dropping him off at home, and driving back to office, I noticed that there was a teeny layer of snow over the grass. Any signs of the winter were now over!

The trees turned yellow, orange and pink and having been forced to work from home one fine day, I decided to venture out and test my new lens, an F50mm/1.8 Canon Ef-S. The results were bad until I remembered to get the aperture up slightly, after which it improved a lot. Having no zoom did hurt a bit, as I missed getting the wide angle shots. I had my 18-55mm with me, but was too lazy to try it, and well, I knew it couldn’t match up to the new one’s performance.

Well, will leave you to the snaps:

A neighborhood Condo community. Cherry blossoms still out, while the ones near my place had all withered away.

The road near my place. Took this one as I crossed the road.

The cherry blossoms again from across the road. Some of the trees on the left are still barren. Still some time to go because the cold’s out.

A worker riding on his bike after work. Didn’t expect it to be this good, but some passing clouds blocking the Sun helped me with this.

Crossing back, not even a signal, and the cars coming in at 60+ Kmph. Had to hurry, but managed to get this when right on the middle of the road.

Some more pics in the album, if you have the time.

4 thoughts on “Spring it is!

  1. nice pics,quite a contrast to the blooming gulmohars in nimma ooru now. you can imagine how I was startled to see a cobra on one of these roads!

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