Aye auto…

Its amazing what people do and/or say when drunk…really drunk!
It usually reminds me of this story I heard from someone, might be .

One guy, possibly a friend of a friend of whoever told me the story, stone drunk on New year’s eve hailed a passing auto…
The auto driver, ever so grateful at having found a one-and-half or with some luck double customer, but still maintaining his cool and appearing bored, stopped by and peered out with the typical nonchalance that Bangalore auto-drivers have patented.

“Malleswaram hogtheera?” asked the friend. The auto driver considered the pros and cons, and the effects on global warming of that question for a while, and satisfied, nodded ever so slightly with one hand moving back to start the meter.

“Sari hogi” said the friend and walked away.

I’ll leave the auto driver’s reaction to your imagination, but I do recall whoever told me the story telling me there was a mild scuffle. I’ll let that person update the story if he reads this…


4 thoughts on “Aye auto…

  1. ROTFL!!! Your description of the Bengaluru autodrivers’ behaviours are spot on!!!
    Anyway, are you sure the person who did this wasn’t himself? I’ve celebrated many New Years with him and he’s totally entertaining once he’s had some alcohol in him. You should try it on him when he visits you or something.

    1. You never know…might’ve done this and pinned the story on a friend’s friend…considering that its a tree of depth 2, its usually got a lot of nodes to blame on 😛

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