Writer’s block…

…All over again, just as soon as I had a pretty productive couple of months on the blogging front, am stumped about what to write next. I think of ideas and then I realize its the same bloody thing about dreams and losing the plot or going back to my past. Somehow I feel I have beaten my past beyond death to the point where anyone who hears something might be able to say “this is similar to what Vaidya did” or “Interesting, that is where he grew up too!!”. Oh well, am not beating on my past again, not for sometime. The reds have been squeezed out of their last drops, and I will pause vilifying them. Ceasefire you could say!

Well, news is that I will be moving to a different apartment end of this month. Was hoping pratibimbha might turn up to help, but good for him, he got some news which means he’ll be spending a good amount of time in one of the best cities in the US to live in. Good on ya mate! Really happy for ya.

But well, have almost finalized an apartment to move into, some final verification going on from their side. If that fails, I’ll need to find something else. Further proof that I find it difficult to move on from anything – the apartment I chose is less than half a mile from where I live, on the same road, I chickened out when it came to leaving familiar environs, yet again! But well, I still get to see Rainier as I come out of home, weather permitting of course.

I survived the second round of layoffs, so pretty much living to die another day, or fight another day? I guess half full, half empty.

No books read, managed to get Lord of the flies on hold, need to pick it up soon. Hoping to read City of Djinns and hoping whoever’s holding it, holds on for a few more days until I finish off Lord of the Flies. There’s nothing that ruins a book more than a deadline.

Playing cricket every weekend. Well almost, missed the last one. Form’s been bad. And it hurts that I have given my wicket away each time, instead of them prising me out! Really hurts! Took two wickets in one over once, only for the opponents to miss putting it on paper. Got me really pissed off, that! Have lost 3 out of 5 played so far. The situation’s now pretty simple for us. Win the rest!

Oh well, will leave you guys to it. Considering the absolute lack of blogging these days from any of the bloggers I follow, I guess even the people reading blogs/my blog has decreased massively! Can count the numbers on my toes and fingers I guess, just the fingers might suffice in fact! Wonder if blogging is a dying art!


9 thoughts on “Writer’s block…

      1. Damn…forgot that 😛
        Well, how often do you blog..? (That should do it :P)
        Coming to the point…the most regular blogger, yodha himself, has reduced his frequency drastically…plus there are many blogs that I read, most of whom have reduced their blogging frequencies…I guess it is becoming more like the hobby no one can find time for…
        which makes me wonder if its dying…

      2. There is no shortage of interesting things happening around me, it’s just the shortage of time to write about it.
        Blogging isn’t dead, Twitter has just grabbed its thunder that’s all 🙂

      3. “Blogging isn’t dead, Twitter has just grabbed its thunder that’s all :-)”
        Some days back I read something similar about this, how twitter and Facebook might be killing blogging…
        I don’t have the link though…
        And the shortage of time is exactly what am referring to…Its like the hobby you don’t find time for…

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