The day I(-)hauled…

Well, I moved. The last day of May, I finished my lease at my old apartment, and started a new one at the, well, new one. It was my first official move with more than just 2 suitcases full of clothes and food. It also involved furniture, like a couch, 2 chairs, a bed and a couple of shelves.

The day started off with a cricket match at 7:45 AM which we lost as usual. Coming home, I decided that the best way to pack was to throw out stuff not needed anymore. Hidden rooms were discovered in a tiny apartment which contained boxes that had accumulated over the past year, hidden areas under the bed showed more boxes. If you are wondering what these are, they are the ones stuff like the bed, a shelf, a microwave oven, a vacuum cleaner and a host of other tiny stuff ordered online came in.

Why I was still keeping them around, I had no clue for this. Well, I dumped them either way, until I realized that I might be dumping them all in one place and decided to spread the dumping among 2 dumpsters. That done, and most of the packing completed, it was already 2:30 PM and I had to drive some 15 miles to get the U-Haul truck to haul my stuff to the other place.

Why 15 miles? Because, I was too lazy to reserve early and they only had one 14 footer available at a place 15 miles away. I picked up a cousin (I have 2 so far here in WA, a first and a second, and this was the second) and we drove down to the place, with me having butterflies in my stomach as to how big it would be and if I’d be able to drive it properly.

I checked out the truck at 4:30 PM approx. The truck was massive, a 14 footer with me sitting at least 6 feet above ground level, almost like a bus driver. The vehicle was a pathetic Ford which slugged along and took a decent while and distance stopping on braking. Highway driving was more interesting as the number of lanes grew and shrank while I tried to stay on the rightmost one, as close to the wall as possible. Blind spots were real blind spots and I had to rely on my cousin to help me out. Somehow, without incidents I managed to get it home and started loading. There was a dolly and some furniture pads provided in the truck. Closer inspection, however, revealed that they were ‘sealed’ and breaking the seal would amount to using them, which was a total of 10$ for them. Considering that I did not see much use for them, I decided not to break the seal.

Soon mhmehkri and another friend arrived and the party of 4 quickly wrapped up the loading and on reaching the new apartment, some 0.5 miles away, the unloading too. The journey back was thankfully event-less, except for the lane switching with massive blind spots and we managed to reach there just before 7 PM when they were to close. For the record I had rented it out till 8 PM that day. I suddenly realized that I needed to fill up the tank before returning, and only while doing so did I realize that the tank wasn’t as full as it showed on the fuel-meter when I took it out and it took in a good 8 gallons for the 40 miles it had done!

On reaching there at 5 mins past 7 they said they had closed and I had to park the vehicle nearby and drop the keys off.

I reached home, did a bit of unpacking and setting up and finally called it a day. Next day, I returned to my old place, cleaned it up, bid my home for the past 1.5 years goodbye and dropped off the keys hoping I don’t have to fight them for piled up charges.

Monday came, and I called the U-Haul guys up and asked them for the bill. My estimate was a measly 80$ after considering all kinds of taxes and fees. However, I was a tad surprised to hear that the amount was a princely 140$! Further inquiry revealed that they had charged me 10$ for the trolley and the furniture pads and had also charged me all the way till the next morning! The guy who answered the phone was extremely pig-headed and it took a decent amount of convincing before he decided to ask around. He agreed eventually that the vehicle had been returned the previous evening itself and he deducted 43$ from the bill, leaving me at 96$. I decided to stay strong still, and told him that I wasn’t going to pay for the trolley and furniture pads which I had not used and that he should refund the remaining 10$. After much arguing and negotiation, neither of which went anywhere, I asked for his manager. The manager of course was conveniently away that day and I was told to call the next day. So there ended my negotiation for that day.

The next day, on being reminded by my wonderful second cousin, I called them up again, and the same guy answered. After establishing who it was that was calling, I asked him about the 10$. This time however, I was told that there was a new employee who had screwed it up and they were refunding it. Phew! There ended the story of the U-Haul! It didn’t stop me from giving them a nasty review on Google maps though.

I would think that’s the end of the story, but there is a chapter that still remains to be closed. Am waiting to hear from my previous apartment people about how much they are charging me for stuff I did not do. Like cleaning etc. Hoping and praying its not a big bill!


12 thoughts on “The day I(-)hauled…

  1. our prev apt people are charging us 600$ maga!! They say they have to change the carpet in the living room & to maintain consistency they have to change it in both the rooms as well. SO high charge!!

    1. Carpet changes are usually done throughout the house…
      But begs the question…are they changing it because you guys did something or because the carpet was old? If its the latter, you should fight it out…!
      Also, if they had to match it elsewhere, won’t you guys be responsible only for the part or room where you damaged?
      What does your lease say?

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