FB goes Persian?!

These days I log into FB and see a horde of Persian status messages with a video link or a link to a news article. But considering that the latter would be in Persian too, I decide not to go around to it. The videos, I sometimes look at them and though the audio is Persian, it does paint quite a picture.

No, my FB hasn’t been hacked. So if you are heading fast to remove me from your friends list, hang on! Am just getting to see social networking sites influencing the future of a country – Iran.

Have a couple of friends from there (M and Z), a couple, whom I met in Australia and are now in the UK. What I feel bad about them is that M cannot go back to Iran, not even to visit it. He’ll immediately be drafted into the army and made to serve 5 years. So he’s been staying out for the past 4 years now! I can’t imagine how tough it would be to not visit one’s own home country. Thankfully for him, his parents can afford traveling to the UK or to other places like Dubai where he manages to meet them briefly.

But coming back to the topic, it is interesting to see how people are using twitter and FB to keep a social agitation/revolution going against a Govt. I don’t remember seeing any history of Governments surviving with its people throwing their lives to the wind and saying we’ve had enough! Maybe China, when the students went pro-democracy and had to be silenced with guns. But I believe they never had the backing of the whole population and it was mostly students. JP managed to drum up enough people against Indira Gandhi in the 70s forcing her to invoke the emergency which eventually led to her defeat in ’77.

It would be interesting to see how the Iranian agitation pans out. I guess it is critical for the region to have a proper Government which can be seen as working towards the welfare of the people and not just seeing what needs to be done to be more Islamised. Khatami seemed to be doing a good job before his time was up. The last time the country went up against its leaders, the Shah had to flee the country and Khomeini came into power. Wonder what will happen now. But I can already see the US and the UK smelling the sweet aroma of oil here. Let’s hope they let the people decide and not make another Iraq out of Iran.

P.S: If you are on LJ and are my friend, this would be the 100th post on this blog!
If you are not on LJ, I have a few more to go.


3 thoughts on “FB goes Persian?!

  1. >>The last time the country went up against its leaders, the Shah had to flee the country and Khomeini came into power and continues to be the Supreme Leader.
    Umm, Khomeini has been dead for 20 years (died in 1989 I think). Its his successor Khameini who is in power.

  2. the last bit is true- hope oil doesn’t influnce geopolitics and geo wars this time. obama sounds sensible, maybe he is…lets see.

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