Hola from San Diego

Reached San Diego Wednesday (July 1st) night. Worked from pratibimbha‘s place on Thursday. Went to LA on Friday, saw Seaworld on Saturday. Just lazing around today. The initial plan was to go back to LA, but decided to have a proper lazy day for a long weekend. Might catch a movie and laze around on Black’s beach(thanks to kirkal).

Not too many pics this time. Been mostly about having fun and catching up with a good ole friend. Monday(tomorrow) I head back to Seattle. Need to be up at 4:30ish as the flight’s at 6:30 in the morning!

Loved this place…awesome weather, kinda laidback life and a nice South Indian restaurant to boot. All of it of course comes at a massive cost. It sure is quite an expensive place to live in.


3 thoughts on “Hola from San Diego

  1. Tell me about it, I was there for an year..
    Black’s beach ? How was it? hehe.. Both the times I went there, it was disgusting.. 😛
    You sure will love the weather, specially if you have come from Seattle..

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