I have a weird habit. I guess it might be common to most of the lot who own and maintain blogs. I read through previous posts and their comments, and my replies to those comments. For me, it also works as a form of proof reading, and I promptly correct mistakes – grammatical or typos or even better phrases in posts posted months or years back buried below some 30-40 new posts.

Of course livejournal does not let me edit comments, but only posts. And I noticed something weird in my comments. Nope, not the comments that people write, but my response to them.

Almost, nope not almost, all my comments over the past few months include a ‘:P’. Its almost like a teenager posting ‘stuff’. Here’s a resolution, a three-quarter year one – no more ‘:P’s in any of my comments from now on. In fact I’ll desist from using any smileys for a while (but the normal ‘:)’s can flow I guess, sound serious otherwise saying Thanks to friends complimenting me on nice posts). I don’t really need to behave like a man who tries to please all all the time. Reminds me of the printer Natraj from the Man-eater of Malgudi.


8 thoughts on ““:P”?!!

  1. Yes there are somethings we tend to overuse. I over use the exclamation, it is almost as if to say, see the jest, or to say my eyebrows are dancing while I make the comment. I badly wanted to put an exclamation after the last sentence, I desisted!

    1. hehe and you did get it out at the very end…
      I am ok with things as long as they are meant to be there and do something, like I use Well and Oh well, a lot and I mean to too…they do define the way I write… the ‘:P’ on the other hand is more like something annoying that I picked up from somewhere…

      1. It kind of fits the way you speak…so easy to read it like you would’ve said it…with pauses and after thinking out the consequences and political correctness of what you are going to say 🙂

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