Sorry, no eulogies from me…

Its been amazing the amount of eulogies seen on the internet concerning YSR’s death in the chopper crash. To be honest, I had no idea about his governance and what he had done in general. The number of eulogies and people praising him all around kind of lead me to believe he was a really able leader and it must have been a loss for us to lose him at what might be considered a peak age for Indian politicians.

And then I came across this article, written 5 years ago, thanks to this blog(which I recommend adding to your list of blogs in case you haven’t already). Criminals and rowdies in politics is unfortunately a given. Still makes me wonder, did we need to eulogize someone so much? In times when we are ready to question a Narendra Modi, and rightly so, for communal violence and genocide, are we ready to forgive and sing paeans to people who only kill for their own greed and for power, only because, well, which politician doesn’t do that!

Death unfortunately is a great leveler and does make us forget people for all the wrong they did. A Gundu Rao’s crimes as a rowdy were forgotten and he became a hero. Extrapolating this, maybe we should have mourned Veerappan’s death. At least he increased the forest cover around the Karnataka/TN/Kerala border. Am not saying we need to go and spit on their graves for all they did. All am asking for is a slight tone down on the eulogies for politicians who don’t deserve them. Let’s not forget their roots.

The media, for its part, was doing the right thing with Modi, until it got a bit carried away to the point of being biased and conceding the advantage. Keeping an elected leader on tenterhooks is a good thing. But when it comes to crimes which are not communal its unsettlingly silent about those. Such news, after all does not generate as much TRPs or interest. Eventually we get the leaders we deserve and the news we are interested in.

Interesting times we live in…

P.S: With 124 people dead, YSR’s death has pushed Swine flu to second place(111)…


4 thoughts on “Sorry, no eulogies from me…

  1. IMO Indians by nature will find something good to say about the worst pond scum, if he dies. That is the culture, it is prevalent in other Asian countries too, though not to this extent.

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