Its fall…

The trees are painted red and yellow. Its like a new world out there. The temperature dips just a tad hovering at the edge of comfortable and pleasant, and chilly. You can sense the wan chill in the air, waiting for its cue and the last of the red and yellow leaves to drop before it can take over and pull down the veil over the year.

All eyes are on the new year, wondering what it will bring. There is optimism. There is hope. The worst might just be over. It might be time to look ahead.

Yes, its not altogether bright and lovely. A friend lost his job a few weeks back and is trying to find another one. Another looks at the wee number of companies that turn up at campus. But while 6 months back, all that there was to hear was stories of number of job cuts in each company and big businesses shutting down, now the same stories are just whispers down corridors.

I haven’t blogged in a long while now. 3 weeks is a reasonable amount of time for the words in the last post to start feeling like they were written by someone else. For once am starting with a more positive post instead of looking back to memories of stray dogs on the streets or lonely people depressed or dying.

I know I want to blog more, about little things, even little posts. And no, am not coming into Twitter. 140 words is too small for me. Have already cut down on Facebook and orkut time and spend less and less time online. I could consider this a big win, except that this time is spent watching TV now :). So yes, really hoping to blog more, maybe once a week at least. Will definitely try that.

And yes, will share pics of the glorious fall here. Fall is probably one word I’ve taken to from American over the proper English Autumn. Its got a better ring to it than Autumn, which sounds a tad, well, solemn.

P.S: Pardon the clichés. I know I can kill with them sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Its fall…

  1. I would not keep a timeline, week, month etc. if I were you. Maybe, you will have more to say in 2 days, than you might have during one entire month. So, keep the words flowing… only don’t let yourself and the blog hibernate. And maybe, I am speaking for myself.

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