2 years…

Going to be a pointless post, so if you are not feeling like it, better skip it. Read ahead at your own peril.

There, I warned you. Now for the pointlessness.
Been 2 years to the date since I turned up in this country. I made a post about completing one year. So thought its only right and proper to make another one about completing 2 years. So how was this year compared to the last one? For one, I had more money to spend, the loan being a thing of the past. Still there was this reluctance to let it flow out of my pockets. Dark clouds of recession kept me in check, making me save for the rainy days. I even chalked out a plan to travel around India if I were to lose my job and return home in a hurry.

Talking of recession, last time it happened, I was just out of college and had to see my friends struggling to find jobs. This year, I was just out of grad school, ok, around a year or so, and again saw friends struggling to find jobs. Strange! Last time I just escaped to China hoping that they do well. This time though, hoping to be there for them more.

Less traveling, still yet to go east. Kept going to California – 3 consecutive months in fact and loved every one of those trips – different experiences each of them. Most importantly, parents came to the US. First trip out of the country for them. They seemed to have fun and loved it.

Work-wise, still doing the same job I was doing end of last year. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad. Good, as am getting more depth on what I am doing, and bad as I don’t seem to be learning much new. Also, want some change myself.

More regular at the gym now. Got my shoulder working again, good enough to bowl at a decent pace. Happy about being able to rattle stumps with the perfect yorkers again.

Not sure what the next year has in store for me, but I guess I’ll be in a different place when I sit down to write about another year gone, or will this date still be an anniversary for me? If only I had swalpave swalpa hindsight.

Well, told ya! Its a pointless post. Wait for the next one, will make up for it. Till then…


2 thoughts on “2 years…

  1. Remove all job-losing bad thoughts out of your mind & concentrate on yorkers. Well, I know its kind of difficult as a reminder of job loss is joining you at your place next month :-).
    I was glad you came here :-).

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