To talk or not to talk?!

The said they are not talking. And then they said they are. They said they hadn’t gotten any response from them and won’t talk until they do. But still, after a week of eventlessness they said they are talking. Sometimes reminds me of desperate loners who sit in front of a phone trying not to act desperate and leave like 10 missed calls. That this is our country’s diplomatic machinery should put any self respecting Indian to shame.

It would have been a different scenario if they had at least said we are a graceful country and acted big brotherly towards a miscreant kid and said let’s talk about your problems. Would have been a different scenario if they had at least been pleaded and begged to by them to talk saying we need peace from you.

But no, we had to go and talk on our own as if we were really bored about keeping quiet. Almost like Donkey trying to keep its 5 minutes of quiet with Shrek. Sorry, but we have reduced ourselves to that state now. And what do we get at the end of it all. Kashmir, and even an accusation that we are fomenting terrorism in Balochistan. Even if we are, we are doing a terrible job of it, considering the plight of those there fighting for their basic identities and rights.

Thanks, Mr. Singh. Thanks kanri Krishna-avare. You have done us all proud! And Mr. Obama, do I see your hand behind all this? But why are we listening to them anyway?


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