Awesome scene!

Cop 1:” You know, crying in the uniform is not allowed. When you feel like crying, take a leak. All the water will go out of the system.”
Cop 2 looks on silently, getting drenched in the rain.
Cop1[laughing]: “[pauses] This was nothing. I once arrested a very famous man. I caught him with a large suitcase. Do you know what was in it? Cocaine.[pauses] Don’t know what understanding there was between my boss and him. They let him go. And then he tells me ‘What’s this Patil? It is because of you that the police force has such a bad name. With so much experience you still don’t have the brains! That wasn’t cocaine, that was sugar!’ I asked him ‘So sir, just mix it with your tea and drink it’. He said ‘ Arre, I am diabetic’. ”

Cop2 still looking on silently.
Cop1 : “You know, I am your senior. When I crack a joke you should laugh.”

All the while standing in the rain. He’s done some crappy roles for sure, but somehow when it comes to certain roles not many can beat Paresh Rawal. By the way, awesome movie ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’.


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