Fools no more?

Have I just grown up or is it just an excess of lameness among people cashing in on April 1st and falling over each other in trying to act cool.

1. Google said it’s name was changed to Topeka. Sorry, was a tad ‘duh!’ And their employees putting up FB statuses with the name in it, was even more so. Sorry guys, but that was lame.
2. MS updated it’s internal web page to say that someone filed a lawsuit claiming that ‘Windows 7 was her idea’. All fine, except that when you hover over the link, you can see a link that reads …Fools.apx. Right. And the only decent article around which tried something about people being able to recycle left overs for others to eat smacked of ‘corporate approved’ humour.
3. had a similar link which said some pics of someone losing it was online and I needed to click the link. Considering the amount of anonymity they provide for the FAIL posts, it stood out as an ‘April Fool cool thing’. And again, the link already said April Fool on it.

Facebook for once stayed out of any needless mischief and am glad for that.
Of all this, I kind of feel the only interesting thing was Apple releasing iPad to some carefully chosen reviewers and them coming out with *great* reviews on it. Wonder what message they were sending out on All Fools’ day.


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