Like there was a surprise there

The same team that was ingloriously kicked out of the T20 WC in 2009 without winning a single match in the Super 8s, more or less the same team that was kicked out of the Champion’s trophy last year, the same team that struggled against a depleted Australian side in Indian conditions and the same team that was almost defeated by an abject South African side if not for SRT.

Why are so many letters and words being spilled about this defeat? Why do we act so surprised when they get kicked out? Is it because people and the media are naive enough to confuse the exploits of the test team with the failures of the limited overs outfits? Or is it our inability to see obvious failures?

I for one, sat there in my office cheering Sanga’s men, hoping they drive the final nail into the coffin. No, not some reverse psychology, just that I really wanted us to lose. So that we know we have a problem, so that someone somewhere can decide its time to take a deep long look and see what’s wrong. The signs have been obvious, but they just have been going unheeded and unnoticed for far too long.

A small list just for starters:
1. Why is an overweight, tubby, unfit player still being celebrated as destructive? Maybe people need to think more about what he is destroying these days.
2. The man who scored the greatest innings in T20 ever was shown for what he was worth in the very next match.
3. Why is the captain so stubborn when it comes to his team? Has he no confidence in the selectors and whom they choose for him? There was a time when the team was being empowered and everyone had a role to play. Now it has reached a point where no one else who comes in gets a role to play in the team. Has the team degenerated to ‘a captain and his minions’? When he can make statements like ‘the least you can do for your franchise owners is make the semis’ why is the same intensity not shown in International tournaments? Oh wait…before that statement about making the semis there was ‘They pay you so much money’. BCCI – hint hint, nudge nudge.
4. Rest of the players have no clue what to do against anything that bounces. Am sure they know they have problems. Question is, where do they go to work on them? Or *when* do they go to do that? There is no time to play domestic cricket and the BCCI just revoked NOCs for many players to go play cricket in England. The person running the NCA is busy running around commentating, and well, let’s face it, he was a joke himself when it came to playing cricket. How does the BCCI expect them to fix their technique and get better? Wait…it doesn’t. There’s always B’desh or SL to be fed on on featherbeds by overweight, unfit chumps.

Also makes me wonder, was Sehwag being prophetic? 🙂

God save Indian cricket! SRT, please retire only from ODIs after WC 2011 and keep playing tests for a couple more years with Dravid and VVS!

2 thoughts on “Like there was a surprise there

  1. Winning and losing is part of sport … time we took that in stride and earnestly went about building up bench strength and creating men for all conditions … currently we have players who have played limited cricket outside subcontinent … likes of Yusuf , Raina , Sharma and Vijay have been born and bred in sub-continent tracks . So naturally their game suits these conditions the best

    BCCI either needs to create
    1) a proper A team , which comprises of fringe and young domestic players who are coached and monitored by someone like Dave Whatmore ( who i think is still associated with BCCI in some capacity at NCA ). This A team should have regular tours abroad and get to play in Australia , England and South Africa on regular basis. This way the guys who come into National team are exposed to non-subcontinental conditions and can make those necessary adjustments to play their game well.

    This short pitched stuff should not be such a huge obsctacle if these youngsters get used to facing these once in a while … i mean how many bowlers can consistently bowl well directed short stuff … its a matter of playing out a few good balls and picking the bad ones.. for this practice is essential
    so 2) We need to create practice pitches with bounce , so that these guys can play on those and get the much needed practice before going to such tours … I think with the technology and money available today , such pitches can be created in say NCA where may be they can practice against quick youngsters or bowling machines .. facing 140+ balls which are pitched short

    If Board cannot do any of these then atleast schedule all tournaments in sub-continent itself to spare the boys and followers misery !
    T20 is a sport meant for drawing crowds to stadium .. why should a World cup be held with minimal local attendance at 9 am ? When majority of viewers , 90% of sponsors and money is coming from one area … then just keep all tournaments in India or subcontinent itself … which serve everyones interest better !!!
    (sorry for huge comment ! )

    1. Winning and losing is both part of it…as long as the intent is there to win..and the effort is there to appreciate…it goes well for matches like the SF between Aus and Pak. You will also get to see some quality cricket and you’ll have more matches going down the wire. Remember the ODI series vs SL in India recently?

      As for the last para, that’s like the Americans holding world series cups and not inviting anyone else from the rest of the world 🙂 If the board were to have its way it would..except that this is the ICC doing it 🙂

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