On comedians…and the one

I wanted to post…I moved my mouse up to something that said ‘My Blogs”. I clicked on it, only to be led back to my blog again, rather I pretty much stayed where I was. Next time I hovered around there, it dropped down and showed me my blog name. Taking the cue I hovered again on my blog name and it brought out another menu which had ‘New post’. Great! The cursor rushed to it, only to see it disappear right away! WTF?!! I did it again. It disappeared again!! I realised I had to ensure that the mouse cursor never left the menu and went right in through the gap that led from my blog’s name to the ‘New post’ thingy. To get to Guwahati (or however they spell it now!) from Kolkata, you need to go up and pass through the chicken’s neck, not cut through Bangladesh. Lesson learned. Wonder why I never thought about it after all these years using software?? Simply because no menu works like that. You wait to be dismissed. So FU WordPress. Bad design!!

On that note, coming to the topic. Had an interesting discussion with my cousin which brought up another quote from Watchmen.

Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the Comedian is the only thing that makes sense.
-The Comedian

Whether it be licking a manager’s ass (figuratively of course!) to get ahead or trying to gain ‘visibility’ at the workplace by doing frivolous things like sending meaningless emails. It’s called ‘working the system’ in common parlance. But put more simply, it’s just being part of the joke. The key factor is of course whether you know when you are a part of it and when you are far too deep inside it to know. The line, however, is surprisingly thin and you can never know if and when you crossed it. But I guess, sometimes, for sanity’s sake, it’s just better not to know!


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