A summer…

They say there are two weeks in August when there is no rain in Seattle. They also say that it rains a lot in winter and there is snow a few times. This year has stood the Seattle weather history on its head. There was no snow. The winter was fairly tolerable with good weekends with some sunshine and reasonable weather. The summer, on the other hand has been a letdown.

August is supposed to be the hottest part of the year. Last year saw temperatures soar into the late 30s and tip into the 40s. People ran panic-stricken. Stores ran out of fans and a/cs. It was like the end of the world. “OMG, I can’t take the heat” they screamed. I watched amused as the town went crazy.

This is the same town where huge traffic jams erupt when there is a mild snowfall as people try to scramble home as they don’t know how to drive in the snow. This is also the same town where huge traffic jams erupt when the intensity of rain increases beyond the drizzle, simply because someone panicked and slammed into someone else bringing the whole system of the 3-4 highways to a standstill in a delightful chain reaction. This also happens to be the town where huge traffic jams erupt when the Sun comes out, just because everyone decides they have to go out somewhere and pull out their cars and huge trucks into the 3-4 highways and within moments end up in a huge traffic jam and promptly pull up the windows and turn on the a/cs. But yes, you get the idea. But considering that it is almost always cloudy with no rain/sunshine/snow here, traffic jams happen for an entirely different reason. The roads are dug up for something or the other. Sometimes for widening to avoid the jams, but mostly for God knows why! It’s almost as if BWSSB, BSNL and KPTCL were studied by the folks over here on foreign jaunts over there.

Anyway, coming to the topic, August is supposed to be the hottest part of the year. But this year it has been more coat-friendly. Every time I’ve forgotten my jacket, the city has sent me chilly reminders. A cricket match last weekend was played wearing beanies and sweaters, and the time when my team batted was spent shivering in the mild drizzle. But the Sun coming out has also meant chilly days in the shades with a pleasant warmth in the Sun, like Bangalore winters. Despite the really pleasant weather of such days, the heart longs for a day of sweltering heat spent guzzling down some buttermilk with some ginger and curry leaves for flavour. Doesn’t help that the office A/C usually acts up to give chilly work hours.


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