When you don’t have better things to do…

Apparently Dixit can also be pronounced as ‘Dick-shit’ and that is funny. Apparently since it is an Indian name it is appropriate. According to a television host in New Zealand. Yes, NZ the country where there are more sheep than humans. A country that India and almost all countries give visa-on-arrival status easily to. Why, because the most serious crimes reported there are sheep getting lost. Because cops also do other things for a living like fast bowling and breaking down with injuries.

So when a television anchor in such a country makes a joke like the above and laughs alone, how do you react? Especially if you are the government of the world’s largest democracy, of the 4th largest economy in the world and supposedly the 3rd most powerful nation in the world. Do you show enough maturity by letting that country deal with it themselves? Or do you flex your ‘powerful’ muscles and pressurize their government at the highest level to make sure that action is taken against someone who can barely manage juvenile jokes?

Either way I am delighted at the Indian media’s reaction to the whole thing. First, they went overboard the way only they seem to manage and then outdid that themselves by asking if the Govt over-reacted to the whole thing?! Seriously fellas, have to give it to you to fill up air time! “Are we over-sensitive?” is the question that seems to be popped about these days. This also happens to be happening months after the time magazine article on Indians at Edison, which should probably have gotten its author fired for other reasons. I have never been to Edison, but living in the US and understanding that the situation is similar to how most ‘locals’ in Bangalore feel now, I can say that I could never understand where the humour was in it or what was the whole purpose of the article. Maybe only Americans can get it? Or a desperate attempt to save his job by rabble-rousing?

Anyway, coming back, happened to read a research paper titled ‘Decolonizing social sciences’ by S. N. Balagangadhara where he talks about different notions of ‘self’ in the western world and the Asian mindset. One example he gives is about how the Japanese reacted to an article in Germany about their culture which did not show them the way they wanted to be seen. The Germans on their part could not understand why they reacted so much to an article and why they would be so obsessed with their image outside!

Reading the paper, can understand why we are so obsessed with how ‘they’ see us. Kind of seems to explain our impeccable law-abiding and upholding behaviour when we are outside! But are we ‘over-sensitive’? I guess so, but then over-sensitive according to whom? Should we care if ‘they’ think we are? Oh well…infinite recursion…

P.S: I don’t have a link for the paper. If you want to read it, feel free to ask for it and I can mail it to you. It’s just 74 pages long which is kind of like 200 pages of a normal novel as it’s pretty heavy reading!


12 thoughts on “When you don’t have better things to do…

      1. I think the ‘Arun’ just typed it…Any search engine is your friend…
        Or wait…the Arun gupta is the one who’s produced the electronic pdf version from the type written one..

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