Insomniac Ramblings….

Yeah, am back with my insomniac ramblings, although am not really insomniac at 11:30 in the night.

Went to a bar to meet up with an old colleague and send him off. It was some good time spent with some ex-colleagues and my old team. Realised how much the team had changed and there was only one end of the table I really knew from the old days. Also made me realise how long I had been with the company! Can’t believe its almost 3 years now and 3 years in a software company is definitely a long time. You see enough people coming and going to feel like a veteran. It almost always seems to pop the question – how long more?

I wonder if my blog is dying and what am doing is a fight for a losing cause. I get ideas but never seem to remember them when I find the time to write it. And have been losing readers too. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to LJ, but that I know, is not an option. At some level I think I want to believe that I write for myself and not for others, but then that’s never the case, is it?

Weekends seem to come really fast, inevitably. I wonder if that’s a good thing? Doesn’t it just mean that time is flying by really fast?! Shouldn’t I be scared? Its been 30 years, 30 long years since I was born, such a long time since I started school, all those long years there where I wondered if I’ll ever get out and now its such a long time since I finished. I think of the house where I grew up and realise I can never visit the place again. Its like time, moved on and just can’t go back to see.

Read a post I had written for myself more than 2.5 years back around the time I had come to the US. It was weird. Scary. Amazing. Like an epiphany. If you have a blog, do try it out. Its like a fixed deposit which you forgot you had but comes back as a pleasant surprise and gift from yourself.


3 thoughts on “Insomniac Ramblings….

  1. I for one would like to differ. Your posts at WordPress have been longer, deeper and more entertaining than at LJ. As for the frequency, I think everyone’s blogging rate has dropped with the advent of Twitter and Facebook. But then, there is only so little one can express or record in 140 characters!

    I use RTM to keep track of my tasks, and use it for my movie-book review posts too. Ideas to write usually appear when there is no time to implement them. So, I record them down in RTM and I can later write them when I have the time.

    1. Thank you sir 🙂
      And no, twitter has got nothing to do with it..for blogging I need to have something that is at least 200 words, forget 140 characters. I hardly post much on FB.

      I wish it were so easy…I get ideas when in the shower or when in a meeting or driving…difficult to record those!

      1. Same here! Shower and driving is a bit hard, but you can always note down things in a meeting. I use Kannada to jot down ideas, no one around me can read them 😉

        PS: We have a small whiteboard at home to note down anything. A couple of times when I remembered something in the shower, I have shouted it out to my SO to jot it on the board 😀

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