3 years

It’s just a number you’d say. But then it’s still 3 years. And like all units of time 3 years is a very relative number. In a dog’s life that’s an entire childhood and most of its adolescence. In a man’s life its just a phase in a bigger phase in life. In terms of a job in a software company and a team, you are a veteran.

Most people, or at least most of the those I know, after engineering and working for a few years and at the end of the honeymoon period of having lots of money to spend all of a sudden, decide to go the US to do their masters. The plan for most of this set is to work for ‘2-3’ years and then return to India. Somehow have never seen too many people hold on to it as bigger concerns take over, like green cards, a sudden spouse’s career and then children who are US citizens etc…

For me, when I started out in Oct 2007 to the US the plan was simple. The same 2-3 years. 2 years came and went and I was just ambling along. It’s now 3 years and I wonder where I am and what I want now. I do yearn for change. A lot. But do I have it in me to induce it? Is it just a matter of taking a bit more risk than I usually do and see what happens? Can I make a decision when it comes down to it?

I sometimes wonder if I can throw away everything and start from scratch. The answer always comes back disconcertingly fast. I can’t. Is it just about not being able to pull out of the rat race or having set up a standard of life and some financial security which I just don’t want to lose?

Anyway, here’s for 3 years and for 3 Halloweens in this country. Hoping for the best, as always!


2 thoughts on “3 years

  1. This is a very hard decision. I will be facing it next year if I wrap up. I know very well that the pull and comfort of staying on is extremely strong. I have seen the future self I want to be and I hope I can pull away to materialize that.

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