They say the purpose of technology and gadgets is to reduce the amount of time you spend on your usual tasks so that you have more time to spend on things you like doing. This of course assumes that there are many things that you’d like to and have to do the time for which cannot be reduced by using gadgets. Wonder if having to spend less time to do X which is a regular chore leaving you with more time to do Y which is not a regular chore reduce to making Y a regular chore since you have more time for it everyday now. Then again will technology then target Y so that you can then do Z? You could go on with this, but then I started with X and after Z I always feel like I’ve hit a brick wall. The alphabet does not wrap around and it feels odd to say A follows Z. AA in an excel like way simply does not work for me, am not much of an excel user you could say.

Of course you could argue against the whole concept of reduction to chores and make a really sound argument of it. But then am just wondering. I have a lot of time to wonder these days, at work at least. Not that I don’t have any work, just that what am working on takes so f***ing long for each operation, and by each operation I mean almost each mouse click that am left doing things just short of twiddling my thumbs while waiting. And not because I have other options, just that am not entirely sure how twiddling one’s thumbs can help one pass one’s time. There are innumerable visits to Facebook, refreshing my gmail account (also explains why you get instant replies if you mail me), twitter, news, every damn thing. Of course you really don’t see much happening there as most of the people I follow are on the other side of the planet or just don’t tweet much, and FB does not have enough updates during the day(Happens when you visit too often). There are other blogs I visit and keep reading what was posted long time ago when I did not know of the blog’s existence. I read all the folders in my mail, so that I can see every code review people are sending, how many people are selling cars and how much they are asking for it, people with complicated visa situations looking for advice(makes me want to tell them to go back, life’s much simpler without visas!), looking for roommates or asking for advice if it’s safe to take their child to India(these are Indians asking the question, mind you!). But still there’s a limit to what one needs to be doing while working.

I try not to read books etc when working as the attention span diversion is not really big enough for me to be reading books! So here’s the new thing, updating my blog with inane stuff. It needs to be short though, so that I can get back once my wonderful software returns to tell me something after 1,092,207ms. So might be more posts, or not if I spend all that time thinking what to post. Sometimes it can get as inane as the first para of this post.

2 thoughts on “In(s)anity…

  1. Have you considered listening to news/science/tech podcasts? Or learning some new math area? Learning math is mostly about working out problems, which you can do on paper between your computer work since you say it is like a chore.

    1. lol…the moment I clicked publish I knew you’d have advice to give 🙂
      It’s just a fun rant for the most part…and am too lazy to be doing something informative and useful!

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