A slight change of scenery…

So yes, I’ve been writing for a while about a longing and a need to do something for a change. So change it is that I’ve embraced. Well technically its less of a change and more of a return to something I’ve known and done before. But something tells me its going to be less of a homecoming and more of a big change in perspective for me.

Well, enough spinning webs and talking in riddles. So I finally found the courage to do something that I’ve always wanted to do and the timing is just about right, or so it seems. I accepted an offer for a position based out of good ole Bangalore. My time in the US of A comes to an end. Am never one to rule things out and the company being based out of San Jose, there might be some traveling for short periods in future.

So the plan is to leave Seattle on the 22nd Dec and I’ll be off to Melbourne for a 2 week vacation before heading to the hometown on the 7th of Jan in the new decade.

So what was my experience in Seattle like? Well that might be a whole new post, but for now it should suffice to say that it was a mixed bag. And I like mixed bags. It keeps the cynic in me happy while also being happy about the positives. The place was almost mystical with its lakes and snow-capped mountains around it and I sure did like the laid-back nature of life here. I loved Mt. Rainier and am really going to miss it. The weather is a whole different story though. I hated being cold almost all the year except for a few days here and there in summer. It is generally the feeling that comes to mind when I think of Seattle.

I kind of feel I would never have cut it in the bay area. I find that place soulless (Sorry folks who live there). New York, maybe. I liked being there for the 4 days I was there. But somehow life seemed pretty complicated for some reason there. But I guess I have no regrets about having lived in Seattle. It had its ups and downs, but I guess I liked it for what it was. But just that I never saw this place or the US as the place where I’ll settle down and spend the rest of my lifetime. And when it came down to the decision, I realised the question before me was not whether I should return, but whether I should stay on. End of the day, there was nothing that was compelling me to stay. I know I’ll miss many things, but eventually its about what I’ll gain by going back.

So, wish me good luck folks!


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