Another weekend

Every weekend, no matter what I do the one routine that’s never missed out on is sitting and wondering if I should update my blog. Sometimes in unsuspecting moments ideas come and the words flow. But then, they are never there when I need them. So I guess I’ll bring it down to what I’ve been doing this weekend. This would serve the sole purpose of getting a post in this month.

So I managed to close the deal on a car. Well the deal is closed verbally, so by the time this is read it might be there with me or I might have pulled out. Don’t see the latter happening though! So its a red Punto. Almost everyone I tell says “Ah, that’s your favourite colour.” Good I guess.

The most interesting part, at least from the perspective of this blog: Ordered a couple of books. “The Tibetan book of living and dying”, which I came across on some other blog and got hooked by the name, and then “Bangalore Calling” by Brinda Narayan, which is a collection of short stories about different characters working in a call center based in Bangalore. Guess am a sucker for books on Bangalore. Speaking of which I wonder if I should at the very least attempt coming up with a collection of short stories myself. I know I might not be *that* good, but then it’s always worth a shot instead of sitting at home and my office cubicle wondering what might have been. Either way it’s an idea in its infancy. Let’s see if I do something about it.

The cat brought its kittens back. Spent time playing with a couple of them. The third is too shy. My mom loves them. But then, she realised they are causing a stink in the portico and that was a bad deal for her. Had to remind her that that’s how animals are and if you have any around they will raise a stink. Reminded me of the last 6 months in Melbourne with DC. The house always stank and so did the clothes. It came as a surprise that pet-owners live with it and you can always identify a pet-owner from the stink surrounding them. Well, nothing comes easy. You gain some, you lose some. As an ex-colleague in the US said, “You can always identify a recent parent from their eyes. They’ll be red from lack of sleep!”.

Took some photos of the cats and then wondered what I’ll do with them. I do take a lot of pics around home. Of bulbuls and Babblers. The tiny robins and wagtails are difficult as they don’t stay in one place for more than a few seconds! Wonder what I’ll do with all these photos. Probably a folder called “Home”. Sometimes these random shots hold a lot of memories. I tell my brother to take lots of pics of my niece. They might not make sense now, but then photos are like wine, they age well!


8 thoughts on “Another weekend

  1. Write up a collection, you should. Your stories on this blog have been good. I actually like the non-wolf stories more, they were more introspective, the wolf ones were more fun.

    Cats are the best pets possible. You do not actually need to keep them in the house, nor do they like to. You can set up a regular feeding time and they will just show up, drink/eat and disappear into the neighbourhood.

    1. yes, you should get one. Also, if you are planning to buy a phone, check if the phone has a good camera…
      I’d suggest going for something like the nokia N8, great phone with 3g etc and superb camera in it too..all of 12MP. No need of separate investments…
      and the pics are there to be shared directly on the phone…

  2. Vaidya,
    You have it in your maga. You should make that effort to write up some short stories. I’ll speak for Ash too, but you have two readers for sure 🙂

    What with all the new ways of publishing and all, you don’t really need anyone to really facilitate the book. Sit maadi and write maadi!

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