The 200th one

Raising my bat, taking off my cap (I prefer caps over helmets, any day, Richards style), looking at the crowd, and acknowledging the cheers. But then, not too much drama or emotion. Those were for the 100, the 200 is more like “Yeah, yeah…but I’ve made my point already”. Such it goes.

Anyway, the first 100 took 52 months to get, at the rate of close to 2 a month, although the last one-two years of the first 100 also averaged closer to 4/month. My first few years barely saw any action. The last 100 have seen a doubling in speed. Has taken 2 years and 4 months to get there at the rate of almost 4 posts a month, almost once a week.

I don’t expect the pace to pick up. Kind of comfortable keeping it at 40-48 posts a year. Considering that the 300, if it will happen, will be only in late 2013 or early 2014, many things to hope for by then. Like the Bangalore Metro.


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