USA: Redux

So it is that I find myself in the new country yet again. This time for a shorter time – much shorter time! And with a return ticket. Here for 6 weeks from 16th Jan till 24th Feb. Somehow an eye is firmly on the latter date. It is one thing going to a place to live there and call it home for a few years and another to make a not so short visit. 2 weeks is something that I consider decent enough considering the jetlag pangs one has to go through. More than that you are disrupting your own sweet routine long enough to establish a new one and lose some old ones. And just as soon you are back, disrupting the new one and trying to get back to whatever you can remember of the old one. When it comes to 2 hour commutes, the one thing that sustains it is a routine. You lose that and it’s not easy starting all over again. Guess one of those that calls in your character to come forth. Or maybe am exaggerating the point.

The bay area is a cold place in winter. You don’t feel it much if you are flying from Seattle. But from Bangalore, California is a whole different beast altogether. Brave attempts to summon up old Seattleness and turning up with just one jacket doesn’t usually work, especially in cases like mine when Seattle is a fast receding memory where recollecting road names and locations gets faced with an increasingly stronger wall in the mind. Yes, it’s been only just over an year, but this is the time the little details get polished off from the surface leaving only the broader summary.

This time am forced to share a suite with a colleague (2 different rooms, common kitchen and living area). Moments when I wrestle for control over little things, I am painfully aware how blissful having one’s own kitchen and house just for oneself is, and how much of a control freak I had(have) become! (Yes, yes, I know what you are going to say!) When it comes to shared kitchens and company you are forced to look at questions on food and other things like how much of an intrepid traveler you are when it comes to food and how much you yearn for the good ole comfort zone. Reminds me of my cousin’s post when she was visiting Seattle for 3 weeks. Can relate better now!

Anyway, off to Seattle for a weekend, and one weekend doesn’t seem enough. Trying to catch up with as many of the ole folks from there as possible! Going to be fun, and going to be an interesting experience revisiting that place.


4 thoughts on “USA: Redux

  1. I feel extremely miserable due to winter. And the winter in the higher latitudes is quite a different beast from that in South India. I was in Washington and North Carolina in the worst of the winter and it was so horrible in spite of seeing snow for the first time. For a sun-loving person like me California is the only place that seems liveable in USA (Florida also has a sunny reputation).

    And yes, 6 weeks is long enough to wreck any daily routines you had kept recently: wake-up time, exercise time, sleep time and so on.

    1. Gainesville (home of Univ of Florida) recorded near zero temperatures when I was there. It can get damn chilly in Florida too. However it just doesn’t snow there. That way it is better compared to other regions of the US and yes it is indeed Sunny most of the time.

    2. Not a fan of winter myself. The cold and dankness can get to you. But the change of seasons is very interesting. Your routine, activities everything changes season to season. You start spending more time indoors and your activities move more inwards like books and movies. The same roads you take to work look different every season. They work like markers for time, and if you live there long enough you start expecting things in time and notice when a season is late or early.
      That is also one thing I started noticing in Bangalore too on returning. Unlike most other tropical places, Bangalore does have clearly marked seasons, sometimes you can even smell the seasons, and the best thing is these are not new, they’ve been there with you all these years and you just experience them with a different perspective. Like the onset of summer is always a summery smell which reminds you of summer holidays or the first monsoons which remind you of June 1st. 🙂

      1. Vaidya: Bangalore is not “tropical” by any definition of that word 🙂

        I agree that seasons are nice, as long as they are mild and bearable, like in South India. Transitions in our environment, that happen when seasons change give mental markers or tree-rings of the transition of time. I sorely miss that here. But, this could be one of the reasons why folks who want to “retire” and forget about the passage of time, come to live in Hawaii, Thailand and other tropical countries 😉

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