Ah San Francisco!!

It’s a weird feeling when you are stuck on one of those crazy inclines of San Francisco, with only the sky in front of you obstructed only by the car in front, part of a long line of cars moving one at a time, a long line of similarly placed cars behind you, the console on your rented car saying that the transmission is too hot and it can’t proceed any further, trembling leg firmly on the brake, the smell of something burnt and the knowledge that that something is part of the car you are driving.

Was I afraid? The legs were shivering for sure. But there was comfort in the fact that the brakes would hold up and would continue to for a long while. Sometimes all you need during such moments is a person next to you having some idea what to do. All I had was a couple of faces more scared than I, but thankfully not voicing it. Thankfully, the console gave a timer to when I could start again. All I could do was wait that time out and hope for the best.

Thankfully, a passing local came by and got me to reverse sideways and go down the hill. “I know” he assured me when I tried explaining what was happening. A smelling car leaves no need for explanations I guess. As directed I took the next road up and not risking much, parked and walked. I promised myself and my passengers, no more slopes. All they got was a slope down. Thankfully the brake was in good shape!

P.S: Even more thankful that my last trip here with parents had no such issues!!
P.P.S: Leaving you with a link to an article on the slopes of San Francisco.


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