The month of May in the year of the lord 2012

It’s been a crazy time. It’s actually been a while since I went through such a crazy time. Started off with a road accident which rendered a foot injured. Not much trouble except that I had to carry a dressing around on the left foot, which meant for uncomfortable walking all the time. It also meant that I had to work from home more often than not for a couple of weeks. WFH is not a bad option as it is, except that too much of it is a tad heavy on the brain. As any engineer will tell you, we live in a Dilbertian world where the most socializing we get to do happens at work and if you are denied that much, you end up wolfmen howling at the internet.

Despite an injured foot, managed to do a trip to Kabini(border of Nagarahole National Park). All well and good and it was no surprise given the kind of month this turned out to be that the tiger continued to elude. But compared to most previous wildlife outings, this one yielded a lot more wildlife, even a pack of the elusive and endangered Dhole. Pics here:


Beyond that, work remained a tad difficult. Somehow, dependencies on others doesn’t work for me and I end up procrastinating and not estimating correctly in such scenarios and now am left in a situation where I am not sure how much I have to do, whether am close to the end or still far from it. Not a great situation to be in. One of those months where most days a cloud hangs over your head and sometimes being sick is welcomed. As if you are back in school for good measure.

So fell sick I did. And badly. Waking up at night and gazing at the clock, it was still 1 AM. The temperature had already been recorded at 103°F and I could barely walk. After a while the shivers started and I lay there, summer time, shivering uncontrollably under two thick blankets. The doctor visit followed in the morning, a trip all the way to Srinagar through Mysore road traffic in trusted Siddha’s auto. The doctor, known for 18 years now, whipped out the torch, gazed into the open mouth, said “Aaaa annu” and with the making of the appropriate “Aaaa” noise confirmed that it was a severe throat infection. The usual Azithromycin followed with Paracetamol for the fever. And so, as I write this, am on medication with a throat that renders swallowing even air painful. No lump in the throat moments for me, thank you!

I sometimes wonder what it is about the onset of the Monsoons that causes these throat infections. Over the years, have noticed that the first major one hits me around the end of May or early June and there are brief ones around July, August and September, usually not causing any fever or need for sick leaves. A pathological response to school reopening that stayed on for good, eh? Oh well…

There was a trip to Chennai thrown in to help Anush with some shopping. Not the best of shoppers, either of us, but seem to have managed to do reasonably I believe. The trip back reminded me how good this month was turning out to be. Waking up at 4 AM noticed the bus was stationary with the driver missing. He arrived later just as people were getting anxious and announced that he had gone to fetch a mechanic for some trouble. At 6, after ambling along to Krishnagiri (99 Kms from Bangalore), he got it repaired and it reached Bangalore at 9 AM! I managed to get home after the usual commute troubles at 10:45!!

In between, plodded through RKN’s ‘The Financial Expert’, a pretty weak book by RKN standards, and rushed through ‘The Wind-up bird chronicle’ by Murakami, a gift from Anush. Loved the book and its philosophysing. A metaphysical thriller is what the book claims to be and it was one. A tad let down by the very American translation. Seriously, I don’t think American readers are that dumb as to have things translated to be in terms of burgers and their popular bands and music. At some points I couldn’t help feeling that the essence of the novel was getting diluted in the translation. Reading somewhere that they removed two chapters from the original and rearranged a few to suit ‘American tastes’ and reduce the length made it worse. And as expected, this ‘adaptation’ and abridgment was a cause of lot of grief for the targeted audience itself. Oh well…

And well, the month ends, and as always brings another month. Like always hoping for better returns…


5 thoughts on “The month of May in the year of the lord 2012

  1. I seem to have a weakness for throat infections. I get them every couple of months. So frequently that the university doctor who after seeing my history, just has a cursory glance at my throat before writing down the usual meds.

  2. how can I just say I like the post without having to write this? like FB like! for the lazy days, to show I have read but lazy enough not to write…

      1. I keep forgetting these things, have to be at it for it to remain in my memory… M will say play bridge, for all these memory lapses!

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